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talkyourenglish's Journal

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who know 5000 English words
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who know 5000 English words
I have heard that 5000 words are enough for normal communications between foreigners. I learn English during more than 20 years. I love this language. I know 5000 English ones, but can’t neither completely understand English songs nor articles in magazines. So lets exam that theory! Here we will write ours post (all what you want) and comments only on English for examination of communication with our knowledge of that beautiful language.

This community for people:
1. Who buy DVD and try to understand original sound.
2. Who use only English version of the software.
3. Who can draw “fack you!” correctly.
4. Who translated texts of songs to understand them.
5. Who likes English proverbs (e.g. If you are so clever, show me your money!)
6. Who tried to read though one English book.
7. Who likes English strange humor.

1. Posts and comments have to be ONLY in English.
2. Try don’t use word that are absent in the 5.000 English-(your language) dictionary.
3. Don’t pay attention on Grammar. We only have to understand sense.
4. Don’t copy-paste original English texts from another sources.
5. Write texts in MS WORDS to avoid rough mistakes.
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Social capital

  • less than 10