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Hello to all who read my first post!
I'm from the capital of Siberia, from Novosibirsk. It is the 3d largest city in Russia. All people which never been in Novosibirsk usually know about it that it is very cold here, a lot of snow and bears are walking in the streets)
it is a part of true. Actually it isn't cold the whole year but it may be +10 today and -10 tomorrow). It's really a lot of snow (winter come to us last week) but bears live in our  Zoo. It famous not only in Russia because many rare animals reproduce themselves very well in it. So, unique ligr (son of lion and tiger) live there.
Also here the largest theatre of Russia is situated - Novosibirsk State Academic Opera& Ballet Theatre - it named Bolshoi Theatre of Siberia. It well known all over the world.
If it is interesting I can tell about it more fully next time & post some photos...
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