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I found beautiful service to communicate with other people in English. It is site: postcrossing.com

You register there your real address and can send 5 postcards for 5 people all over the world. In the same time 5 another users of “postcrossing.com” from other countries send postcards to you. When your letter come to the addressee you can send another one.
It’s amazing. Real postcards with real stamps are very cute in our time of email and skype.

Invite all your friends into postcrossing.com and into Talkyourenglish!

By the way, you can tell what pictures on postcards and stamps you want to receive.


Have you any versions of translation of this: "Immortal Beloved".
It's problem for me because in russian it must be without gender. not male, not female...


first post

Hello to all who read my first post!
I'm from the capital of Siberia, from Novosibirsk. It is the 3d largest city in Russia. All people which never been in Novosibirsk usually know about it that it is very cold here, a lot of snow and bears are walking in the streets)
it is a part of true. Actually it isn't cold the whole year but it may be +10 today and -10 tomorrow). It's really a lot of snow (winter come to us last week) but bears live in our  Zoo. It famous not only in Russia because many rare animals reproduce themselves very well in it. So, unique ligr (son of lion and tiger) live there.
Also here the largest theatre of Russia is situated - Novosibirsk State Academic Opera& Ballet Theatre - it named Bolshoi Theatre of Siberia. It well known all over the world.
If it is interesting I can tell about it more fully next time & post some photos...
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When I was six years old, I became a student of my local school. I didn't like to learn there. We had to study songs about Lenin, the Math, had to sleep in there, and so on. It was disgusting. Our teacher was woman who made us keep quiet. I don't remember a lot, but I know that I didn't like the school all the time I was studying there.
Education changes a lot. Life changes much too. When I was young, there were only four TV channels. Now I have thirty seven ones. Our only entertainments were the hanging around in the yard with the dudes. Now kids play a lot of PC games, watch TV and sometime come to play in the yard.
My son is six years old now. He studies in the school in the first class now. It's absolutely different than we did. First of all, they have no any bad appraisals there. Only "good" and "very good". It's because bad appraisals may discourage children to learn. I think it's very cool especially for kids who don't study well for first time. There was good episode in Simpson's. Bart wanted to study, but his teacher suppressed him, told him that he was stupid. He found the exit from that situation and became a clown. Now the school system supports kids and doesn't show them that they are stupid, I hope.
The second difference is the books and exercise books they use. The exercise book are full of pictures and coloring. They are painting much more than learn to write. We had only one lesson of painting per week.
I think it will be absolutely different people we are.
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Hi, everybody!
I didn't write here for a long time. Sorry.
I wanna speak about an alcoholism. I have many friends, who are clever, well educated and communicable ones. But noone of them have the good careers. All they work on the jobs with low salaries. This strikes them much but they do nothing. They even have not cars, live mostly with their parents. I do just the same. Another guys, who are not so clever and bad educated – make good careers. It's like paradox. I know there is an English proverb – If you are so clever – show me your money. Maybe we are not so clever as we think about.
I tried to discover this paradox and I found that all my friends are career-losers because of drugs: alcohol & marihuana mostly. Every day they meet their buddies to drink or smoke. It's not like disease, they make it for fun. Everyday. Our life is like the endless holiday, full of adventures. Pub-crawling is the favorite sport. In result we have no time for something to do. When we drunk – our life seems so beautiful, and the career doesn't matter.
Have you or your friends the same problem? Ha?
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