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Good mood to exit...

Hi to those, who read it! 

Today is one of the strangest days of march. There are many reasons to feel crappy, but still not enough to feel THAT crappy: yesterday i moved to the new appartments which i don't like. Previous owners left me a cat -- which i also don't like and today i finished to re-read Hemingways A Farewell to Arms   and the ending is in the way that nobody likes. Plus the weather is very favourable for nothing but suicide, homicide or drinking some strong alcohols and i will do that today with friends -- this is something which makes me feel better. But still -- no good mood. 

I thought i will never return back to my live journal, but here i am. The reason for restart is also to reach somebody, but i don't know whom yet.....  And no photos in this post -- photos can't make this day brighter.... -- may be thi will help -- it was writtent by a friend of mine but she suffers from deppression as well, so the recipy is not good enough. 
And this night i step over another threshold -- 28 years, looks so much to me.... 
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