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Odessa, Ukraine

This post is for for all of you but for feebsicle especially. Under cut there is Odessa - a city on the bank of the Black Sea. There were the greatest Jew community in times of Russian Imperia. Many Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish writers and artist are from there. I was there last year and have some photos for you.

The center of the city.

This terrible old building stays on the central street.

The triangle building. It seems like it has only one wall. XD

Famoust inner yards of Odessa. Every old bulding has it. This place is cult because of frequent using in our literature.

The old city market. You can buy everything here.

And this is my niece. XD

Thanks a lot for 173846! Now I can put a funny images before username.
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Oh! Thanks!!
Beautiful photos.. beautiful city..=)
Have you ever been there?
No, not yet.. But I hope, I'll visit Odessa this summer..
It's better to visit the city in autumn or spring because in summer there are too much tourists.
well, I'll think about it..=)
Where're you from?
I'm from Russia, Moscow..
But originally, I'm armenian=)
:) Was you born in Armenia? Can you write something about it for us?
Ok, later I will write about it..=)
WOW!! It's so beautiful there!
I love the old buildings especially. They have so much character.
))))) Odessa's waiting for you!
In Odessa about a half of all buildings are 'terrible', but after the City half made of glass (Kyiv) it seems like ancient temple or so.
And the triangle building is fun, we have such in Kyiv.
Where is triangle building in Kyiv?
If I'm not mistaken, there are at least 2 of them in Kyiv. And where are they situated I can't clearly explain))
You have to show me them! ;D

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Where your ancestors from?

Deleted comment

Hi! I think you are native American because of your avatar. :)
If somebody ask you about you nationality what will you answer? American?

Deleted comment

I thought you were! ))))
Who is that chief on the avatar?

Deleted comment

Can I download the show from somewhere?
His face is realy funny!

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