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I love my city

Yes, I have not mistaken: not "like" but "love". Now I live near my workplace, and go to the center of the city or to other its districts rarely, but... May be you know this feeling - when you almost can not help crying of happiness, of tender, of knowing that you are here, and it means that you are all right and all is as it has to be. Once I have read in journal of some young Russian girl, who had visited Kyiv and liked it very much, that when she was here she had the feeling that somebody very kind was always near her. I know who it was. It was the soul of my city - kind, loving, and proud.
You know, when Soviet Union stopped its existance, there was a big problem for some people: imagine - you live in the biggest country in the world, you are a patriot, you think that you are very lucky to be a citizen of this country, and OOPS! there is no such a country at all! And now - where is your motherland?
It was not a problem for me at all. Frankly speaking, I didn't feel all this great country as my motherland - it was too big for me. Not because I was a great patriot of independent Ukraine at that time - I just didn't think about it. But I was born in Kyiv and live here all the time. And Kyiv is my motherland. And I love my city and its soul - kind, loving, and proud. And I hope it loves me too :-)
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