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This community is awesome!

Hello everyone! I am another native English speaker. Nice to meet you!
I think this community is an excellent idea. I joined because I am interested in learning about different cultures around the world, and I am also interested in what other cultures think of western English-speaking countries such as Canada and the USA.

Like other native English speakers in this community, I like to learn about the origins of the English language as well as other languages. English is a Germanic language, meaning that it stems from the same branch of the Indo-European languages as German, Dutch, Danish, Flemish, Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian languages.
I found that people who speak German often have a very easy time learning the English language (and vice versa) because of the similarities in grammar and the spelling and pronunciation of words.

Here is an interesting language tree I found:

I am from Canada, so my English spelling is slightly different from American English, and closer to European English.
For example, people from the USA spell these words like this:

Favor, honor, color, favorite, theater, center

But Canadians and Europeans spell them like this:

Favour, honour, colour, favourite, theatre, centre

Canada is a bilingual country. Our two official languages are English and French. Most people on the western side of Canada speak English, while more people on the eastern side speak French too. I live on the western side, but I know a little bit of French.

I meet a lot of people where I live who speak English as a second or third language. I've noticed that many non-native English speakers have a much more descriptive and poetic way of expressing their thoughts in English.  It might be because of certain phrases or sayings from their native language and culture, but in my personal opinion I think it is because native-English speakers take their own language for granted. There are so many English words to use that it is impossible to know all of them! But, because of western culture, most of our English is "dumbed-down" and it has become normal to have a very limited vocabulary. Because of this, when you people become more fluent in the English language, it is most likely that you will have a better vocabulary than most native English speakers!

If you have any questions about anything I said, don't be afraid to ask me!
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