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The life sailing

When you have complete view of your life - it’s all going well. You know what you have to do, and what you have not. The purpose can be so far off but you see your way to it and do all to reach it. That’s so called “right lifestyle”. All big bosses live like that. Their psychological troubles turn into the willing to be higher, richer and so on. That’s why they look successful. My boss is absolutely disappointed because of my unwilling to do career. And I know why I don't do that. The majority of my friends have no idea what they want. So do I. We live with no rules and no purposes. It’s like to be a ship. When you don’t know where you sail - it absolutely doesn’t matter where wind is blowing from. My best friend is psychologist, he know all about human souls. But he can’t change himself. Knowledge doesn’t do us happy, because we haven’t any good purposes. We even married not because of love but because of the boredom or desperation. Every new idea can capture us, and so quickly leave us. Last year I bought a bike and decided to travel with it in Crimea. I and my friend psychologist crossed all the peninsula on our bikes. All these were great - to sleep in mountains, to eat only what you can cook on the fire, to smoke marihuana under stars. It was fun. We have no purposes. That’s why we are happy to fall into unexpected adventures. And they make us happy.
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